The Ann Myers Medical Center (teleport link) aims to educate medical students and nurses in the virtual environment of Second Life. In monthly meetings, students can learn from educators through interactive and clearly visualized case presentations. Regularly there are speeches on several topics. Click here for more details and pictures.

The Ann Myers Medical Center (AMMC) was founded by Doctor Ann Buchanan. The center was named for her mother, Ann Myers. Dr. Ann’s mother suffers from a rare brain tumor, which should have taken her life numerous times. Ann Myers has a zest for life and an inner strength that have been a source of inspiration for Dr. Ann her entire life.
AMMC was created to test the possibilities of virtual training for First Life medical and nursing students. The goals of the AMMC are:

  • To assist students to become more proficient in initial exam history and physicals. The patient often reveals many important aspects of their disorder through their words if the physician takes the time to listen. In this fast-paced world, med students are not being appropriately trained to listen.
  • A second aspect to the history and physical for Dr. Ann is attempting to train her students to truly care for their patients. Dr. Ann teaches her First Life students that they can heal simply by listening and caring. She often states to her students, “Laying a hand on a patient’s shoulder and honestly listening can heal more than any medication you can prescribe for a person.”
  • AMMC is attempting to link telemetric builds (ECG, oxygen saturation machines, etc.) to real-time outputs via URLs. Thus, a student will right click on an ECG machine and be taken to a URL, where they will have to accurately diagnose the medical issue through analysis of telemetric outputs.
  • In conjunction, we will be assisting students to become more proficient in the analysis of MRI s, CT and X-rays.
  • AMMC will also be training Psychology students in various methodologies and treatment protocols, implementing Dr. Ann’s belief and research interest in psychoimmunobiology, the body’s ability to heal itself through the stimulation of the immune system to fight disease.

AMMC currently has a voluntary staff consisting of Psychologists, Hematologists, Oncologists, Radiologists, Cardiologists, Midwives, Emergency and Trauma Specialists, general physicians, interns, educators and several nurses. Since June 2007, AMMC teamed up with Sprott-Shaw college a Canadian college with a presence in Second life. Both AMMC as Sprott-Shaw college, have as mission to provide virtual training for First Life medical and nursing students, as well as enhance healthy living awareness and awareness for several medical conditions.

3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. 1 Stephen Dunphy (keter() March 10, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    My wife Syliva Dunphy has class 4 breast cancer

    Believe it or not i was praying and I heard this name

    in a night vision as a solution to breast cancer

    can you contact me.



  2. 2 Vera March 11, 2010 at 1:55 am

    Ha Mr Dunphy

    First allow me to brief introduce myself, i am no MD yet but busy with final rotation, second i am very sorry but for now i am hesitant to at once phone you or your wife (privacy reasons)

    On one hand i am honoured that you ended up on AMMC as a result of prayer but at the other hand i dont know how to place that ,but one day i learn.

    Based on what you now tell stage 4 etc, i will have mentioned that it is quite hard to advice anything, let alone be a solution when i have that litle information.
    But i will certainly listen to the both of you and if it is possible for you 2 to visit Second life, do make a trip to AMMC.
    AMMC has a resource building with among other general info screens also on breast cancer, and in the hospital building is the women health center. After the entrance door turn left, last door on the right. If no staff is available please use the mailbox system.
    greetz Vera

  3. 3 Sergey November 7, 2013 at 11:53 am

    Dear, Ms Doctor Ann Buchanan I coudn’t find your center in SL. I’d like to meet you to discuss possible mutual interests. How can I contact with you for it? Best regards, Sergey

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