The AMMC became a part of the Sprott-Shaw college campus

Yesterday, June 26, 2007, the AMMC was moved officially to the island of “Hospital”, part of the Sprott-Shaw college campus. The AMMC project has had an amazing amount of support from the President and from the college manager, Davis Stastny. We have been discussing the changes that are to come with this move. Sprott-Shaw already operates a successful number of courses within SL and is the first to hold electrical engineering courses in the virtual world of SL. They are intending to use the AMMC, in addition to the plans that we have, to train nurses in SL who are seeking practical nursing degrees. Sprott-Shaw will be moving their teaching and collaborative technology to the AMMC, allowing students and educators/physicians, etc, to work more easily together.

There is a plan to set up a convention area such that the presentation of research objectives, papers, case studies can occur from people all over the world. Sprott-Shaw already conducts case studies in their degree program and I am told it is working in a most fantastic manner. A library exists on the Sprott-Shaw main SL campus to which AMMC members ands tudents will have access and the intention is to place resources for medical professionals and scientific papers in the database.

Dorms, areas of study, classrooms incorporating white boards, power point and databases, offices and a presentation area are just part of the plans in the works. By becoming more involved with the AMMC, thoughts and ideas will blossom and make the Center able to be utilized for a plethora of items by people all over the globe.

Now we need to add professionals to our numbers — physicians, nurses, scientists, researchers, educators and students. Ideas for gathering the members of our field are most welcome. Please feel free to send thoughts and ideas for the progression, collaboration and education at the AMMC to me at:
I intend to request assistance from QTLabs Apogee Avie Services, As a dear friend and an incredibly brilliant individual, I am certain that we will only garner positive results by working with QTLabs.

I believe whole heartedly in the positive effect the AMMC will have, not only within SL, but in the interaction of people from all over the world.


2 Responses to “The AMMC became a part of the Sprott-Shaw college campus”

  1. 1 ktheas June 28, 2007 at 6:13 pm

    That’s great news for AMMC. Hi! I’m Kristy working with Dr. Ann at the ammc. i’m a fourth year med student at Johns Hopkins. I’m excited about the new frontier of medicine and think that the idea of collaboration with students and professors will be a giant leap forward in education and professional interaction.

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