AMMC Building, Breast Cancer event and More

I apologize that I am just getting back to things in SL. I am trying to catch up in the real world with all my various duties and have had difficulties keeping up with SL matters.

We are finishing the building, which I estimate should take another couple of weeks at the most. I have asked everyone for their ideas for the Center (Such as building a Cardiac wing, what type of builds to place, where the wing should be, etc.), but as yet I have not had much feedback.

As it is October and Breast Cancer Awareness month, Vera Zhaoying is working to hold a BCA event around the end of the month. She has the assistance of the Breast Cancer Group and the American Cancer Society within SL, so we are hoping for a good turn out and to hold a fun event where people might actually learn a few things, as well.

I will try to catch up to everything related to the AMMC and SL as soon as possible. I am still trying to get through my long list of E-mails and messages and will hopefully be able to respond to everyone in turn.

I thank everyone for their warm thoughts of me and of my family at this very difficult time.



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