AMMC building, Breast cancer event and more part 2/intern meetings

On notices in AMMC group and the interngroup,
the following message was posted.
Now it also finds its way to the official AMMC blog.

The message on the notice:
The plan is to start having monthly intern meetings,
on a fixed day and time.
The day and time, for these meetings, has yet to be picked,
so suggestions for a day and a time, are very welcome.

What to expect from these meetings??
-If you have questions about a specialism, do mail them to
the physian, that is present on the next meeting.
Those questions are put in a notice so all can prepare a bit.
On the meeting hopefully together, we can together answer these questions.

-You have a topic, you like to discuss or encountered an
interesting case, you like to share.
Please dont hesitate to share it and mail your idea to,
the physian that is present on the next meeting.

It can be possible that no physian is known yet for the next meeting,
In that case please mail or write down your ideas on a notecard
and drop  them in my inventory!  (Vera Zhaoying, if you have my e-mail adress ,
an e-mail is okay too)

Woman’s Health Centre:
What started out as a breastcancer exersize had grown a litlle bit 🙂
On the third floor above the Emergency, is this centre situated.
The goals of this centre are:
-to train in the techniques of breast exam and Gyneacoloy exam,
taking in consideration, the feelings of the woman, you preform this
examination on. Beside that there are 3 mammogramms in the centre.
-other major goal is, to give information about,
the need to be regularly checked, for several issuess, among others breast masses and
gyneacological abnormalities.

For the last goal, in the centre are several screens that
have information on them.

Where the centre is particularly designed for is:
woman, that have never done any sort of self check or exam what so ever.
They are welcome in this centre for information and to have their first expierience
with it, in a virtual enviroment.
Hopefully for them, it becomes then a smaller step,
to have the same thing done in the real world.
Beside that no  visitor, will leave the centre, without a note card,
how when and why to do a monthly self exam!

Further  a half day workshop around breast cancer is planned by
the breast cancer group and American cancer society.
AMMC is assisting here in the person of Vera Zhaoying.

One thing i must admit, in the title of this post was also mentioned: building.
In fact i have no idea how building and plans etc progress but,
i found it a catchy title :).


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