games for health RL confrerence


Ha All,

Bit short  notice but here it is, from may 7 till 9, one of the AMMC nurses who is heavily involved in developing emergency simulation deveices. is doing a presentation on may 7 at 3.45 EDT. The location is  RL Marriott Inner Harbor, he will be on a panel on Friday, May 9, 10:40a EDT

The event he is attending is called games for health, the website about the event is
If you are around there do attend it, since for most of us at AMMC, Second life is a game but what we do in AMMC is part a game but also very serious, so games for health is pretty much a title we can relate to!!

(By the way in AMMC we know him as JS Vavoom in RL John Miller)

greetz Vera




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  1. 1 Kathleen Rose May 13, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    I was present for Mr. Miller’s presentation at the Virtual Worlds preconference workshop at Games for Health. It was excellent. I am interested in learning more about his work. I’d love to observe his simulation “in action.” He also mentioned AAMC’s presence in SL. I’ll probably Google him and see what else I can learn.

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