breast cancer awareness month

Ha All
Breast cancer awareness month,
we as AMMC could organize an event that would blow any physian away.
But breast cancer and awareness, is a topic for all!


So we created an event that is acessable and understandable for all.
A time for you

has a short speech and then goes very practical:
-learning how to do a breast self check.
-possibility for a virtual mammogram
-just take a look around in the woman health centre
-make an appointement to come back later

But also to find a place to relax,
go to a spa, go dance, or find out more about breast cancer.
But this event is designed to be an event to make time for you
and hope you make time for your breasts

greetings the woman health centre of AMMC

Extra info:

Date 11 october
10 AM sl time



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