October review + intern meeting 25/10/08

Ha All,

Thus far October has been a busy month!! The boobs aware event was really visited!! Afterwards several AMMC staff members had a follow up talk with some visitors. I think it is pretty amazing, that a second world can reach into first world!! Making women breast aware, (i prefer this term above breast cancer aware) and the need for a monthly breast self exam.

The next day, was a speech about childhood Leukemia half the AMMC staff was present there. but earlier this month was an exersize around Marburg virus, Dr Yoghas, did write a few words about that, since i am a bit lazy, i copy pase it below:

Vera: send you  my comments to write it in ammc blog ok

Last Saturday october 11/08  we had a conference with the interns discussing Marburg disease, clinical presentation, diferential diagnosis and treatment, all interns were there, and thanks for the presentation of vera Zhaoying and Elspet Glasgow who discuss the diferentials.
and we review how to approach a patient at ER.  stabilizing his vitals and take the labs for diferential diagnosis. and how manage to avoid  spread the infection to the hospital personnal.

Now again we are pioneers doing clinical and review of a patient in Second life.

Yoghas etchegaray MD


Intern meeting october

Date october 25 at 10 o clock,
location AMMC conference centre.

Female patient with abdominal pain.
Patient is admitted via ER and is now in Cardio intensive care.
For all attending the intern meeting figuring out what it is.

Patient meeting has the following:
-Oral presentation.

-results of Lab
-results of X ray abdomen
-general practiciner’s file.

Brainstorm to come to a possible diagnose
and differentials. Rule out differentials.
What is needed as extra to confirm the diagnose.
treastement plan/suggestions.



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