happy 2009

Ha All

I take the liberty to wish everyone a happy, healthy
and wonderfull 2009!! Both from me as person,
as from AMMC as organisation.


In 2009 AMMC hopes to continue to be:
-a wonderfull and amazing place to walk around in.
-a place where you can study.
-a place where you can find answes and ask questions.
-But most important a place to have fun,
be or become the person you can be
and meet wonderfull people!

For the first 3 month, under here the intern meeting calendar,
in case i forgot your event or speech, please
forgive me and as soon as you tell me i post it!

The year opening has to be rescheduelled, due to RL busy calendars.

-January intern meeting
Topic coping with stress
January 31 at 10 AM
Locatiobn AMMC conference centre
By Vera Zhaoying


-february intern meeting
topic CPR
February 28 at 10 AM
Location AMMC conference centre

-March intern meeting
March 28 at 10 AM
Location AMMC conference centre
….. means yet to be filled in, so if you like
your name instead of the dots, please contact me 🙂


2 Responses to “happy 2009”

  1. 1 dreamingspires December 27, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Ha Dreaming,
    The best way to locate AMMC hospital,
    is to go to search, tag places and then type in
    AMMC, if it is good you can visit AMMC then.
    greetings Vera AMMC intern

    this looks like a great site, but having logged onto 2nd life I have had difficulty locating you and haven’t had much joy from the 2nd life help function.
    do you have post which gives basic instructions on how to find you? would very much like to visit!

  2. 2 fideliusdollinger December 27, 2008 at 3:39 pm

    Hi dreamingspires,

    well, sl (secondlife) can be at bit complicated and overextending in the beginning. But actually it is not so difficult.

    When i may make a recommendation to you:

    When you the next time login in sl, then contact me please and i will help you with your beginning in sl and i can show you the AMMC (Ann Myers Medical Center). You can do this very simply:

    In the under task of the screen from sl is a button where stand “search”. Click on this and the search window will open. Then go in this window, in the over task and click by persons. So now you can write my Name there: Fidelius Dollinger and search. Now, you see my profil and than is there a Button for write an IM (Instand Message). Click on this and you can write me a message, indifferent if i am online or offline, i get your message! I will than re-contact you and help you :-))

    By the way, in the window of search, you can search in the catergory “places” for Ann Myers Medical Center and you will than find us :-)))



    carpe diem!

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