Ha everybody

Oncology and a party is not the most logicall combination! But i am bold enough to do just that!!!  on the channels i have, i posted the following notice:

Dance for Life

Ha All
I admit i stole a catchy title but it is just that!!
If you like Trance dance and house music.
If you also want to support the ACS and Relay for Life,
go visit dance island, great music and a great cause!!

One world one hope
and 🙂  good music!!

greetz Vera

I did that cause oncology and AMMC have a long history, as does AMMC, a virtual hospital and the American cancer society!! Their motto this year: One world one hope!!! I am dutch, no doctor yet, but we need one world, one hope!!! The AMMC project hopes to be a part of that hope!!!!

A  great deal of AMMC staff is active as Cancer care givers, some staff is Cancer experience expert, and some are important volunteers!!! For all of you  i posted a  party Oncology and a  party!!!

Folks there is more then one way to defeat cancer!!!!  Dancing on dance island in sl is one way!!!!!!!!  please dontate!!!!


Now more AMMC style, next intern meeting is probably a  week later as usuall, but worth waitinfg  for, Dr Cary about Oncology. The women health centre has updated screens. 

greetz Vera


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