H1N1/ swine flu/May9

Swine flu
Swine flu

Swine flu/N1H1
In the lobby of AMMC hospital, there are several information screens with information about,
Swine flu/ H1N1. These screens have been made possible by several AMMC staff members.
Among others:
(Dr) Elspet Glasgow, AMMC co director and rl infectious disease specialist
(Dr) Paty Amiot, AMMC physian, RL cardiologist
(nurse) Tessa Finesmith, AMMC and rl nurse
(intern) Vera Zhaoying, AMMC and RL intern.
These screens are in a loop, so please take your time to look at all the slides.
AMMC is a virtual hospital to train rl med students, so please refrain from roleplaying.
greetz Vera

Mark in your calendar May 9, exact time will be posted later.
Dr Cary will hold a speach about Onclogy

1 Response to “H1N1/ swine flu/May9”

  1. 1 Medical Centre Christchurch November 12, 2009 at 5:00 am

    Information is the best way to create awareness about the virus. It’s a good thing that vaccines are available.

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