AMMC on Relay for Life 2009

BC rollercoaster risk reduction

Ha all,

In january AMMC was contacted to be present again on Relay for Life, with the specific question to adress breast cancer.  After some month’s this is the end result, a roller coaster.

When you have been diagnosed your life becomes an emotional roller coaster (i borrowed this sentence 🙂 AMMC hopes that with this coaster, we created a different way to make more women and men aware of breast cancer.

greetings Vera Zhaoying

Relay for Life is now over, this virtual Relay did raise well over 270.000 US dollar, a huge succes ranking secondlife’s relay as number 2 in best raising relays!!! Is there someone still doubting that a virtual world can not have effects in the real world??

Also i do like to share with you 2 extra picture’s and one comment, the picture is part of therollercoaster AMMC designed for Relay for Life. the comment is the following:

[17:23]  have you seen memorial island, i cant stop crying
[17:25]  its a breast awareness rollorcoaster but at the end there is a place to let someone go
[17:25] a candle floats out to an island you cant get to
[17:26] it really helped me

memorial beach

This is the sign before you enter the memorial beach, the candle mentioned in the comment is the next picture



I think all involved in either AMMC or in Relay for Life this year are glad it is over for this year it is an awesome event to be a small part of, but it takes a lot of energy.


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