intern meeting Qfever/N1H1 (new)+case presentation

0-H1N1 nice picHa All

-date              august 29
-time              10 AM SL time
-location        AMMC conference centre

Apologies no one volunteered to swallow down some
causative agents and becomes the virtual patient we needed. This internmeeting will not have a patient presentation in it.
Result i talk more 🙂


greetz Vera


4 Responses to “intern meeting Qfever/N1H1 (new)+case presentation”

  1. 1 Cassandra January 8, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    I am the editor with I really liked your site and I am interested in building a relationship with your site. We want to spread public awareness. I hope you can help me out. Your site is a very useful resource.

    Please email me back with your URl in subject line to take a step ahead and to avoid spam.

    Thank you,

    • 2 verazhaoying January 9, 2010 at 1:07 pm

      Ha editor To start it is not really my site, i just write a lot on it. First, i really appreciate it that you are interested in working with us. Now a bit more about AMMC, AMMC is acronym for the Ann Meyers Medical Center. It was founded 5 years ago by Dr Ann, who was then a prof in John Hopkins. She founded it to train her students better in several things. Basicly it is a virtual hospital to train RL medical students. This hospital is in Second Life Since 5 years AMMC grew a bit and i joined too, am in real life (RL) a medical student in Holland and as of april Resident onco/hemo. In AMMC i hobby a bit on public awareness (among other things 🙂

      -breast (cancer) awareness

      -H1N1 awareness (is still monitored one of our staff members is rl infectious disease specialist)

      -Domestic violence

      -stroke awareness

      almost completed is a basic CPR course

      Beside these more or less permanent displays/exibitions.

      AMMC has monthly intern meetings (every last saturday of the month at 11 AM SL time.

      Monthly contact moments for SL citizens with RL medical questions

      and regularly simulations speeches or events

      regards Vera Zhaoying (SL intern in AMMC)

      NM van Meeteren (RL intern LUMC Holland)

      p’s hope to have given you some basic information about the organization behind the website,

      hoping to see you in world 🙂 ope to have basicly informed you on AMMC

  2. 3 John February 22, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Hello, interesting article, but very small. Where can I learn more on this subject.

  3. 4 Vera Zhaoying February 22, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    Ha John
    Actually it was not an article more an annoucement of that meeting. Maybe this site needs some explanation:
    AMMC is a virtual hospital, to train rl medical professionals.
    So the meeting referred to in this article takes place in a virtual world called second Life.

    The redesign of the website gives you, if you dont have a presence in second life to visit it and directly land on AMMC.

    On AMMC, in the resource building are several information screens dealing with H1N1

    greetings Vera Zhaoying (SL name)

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