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Lately no real activity on this blog, after seeing the opening picture, you understand why. AMMC will get a new building, new on the SIM is buildings from Sprott Shaw college. Sprott Shaw is a RL Canadian college and is so kind to have supported the SIM, that  AMMC shares with them. 

During this reconstruction phase, it is no wonder activities decline a bit, but AMMC is not without ambitious plans. Beside the teaching of medical students, the plan is to have a, once a month, consultation time, each month with a different specialism. These consultation times are for RL questions from the SL audience, the plan is to have these consultations more or less in line with US timezones, for breast (cancer) awareness monthly consultations are planned too. 

The intern meetings; Last month we had a great meeting on Oncology, the October meeting has moved to November 7 at 11 AM SL time, this intern meeting will be held in the castle of one of our board members.

The topic of this intern meeting novel H1N1, hope to meet you all, intern nurse physician board member, member or reader of this blog entry. 

greetings AMMC



2 Responses to “AMMC rebuilding/plans/internmeetings”

  1. 1 Medical Answering Services January 7, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Lately no real activity on this blog, after seeing the opening picture, you understand why. AMMC will get a new
    Thanx 1st AMMC rebuding department who have create great educational environment. It outer look are very attrative.and I hope every student of this college will take health responsibility of the worlds.

  2. 2 verazhaoying January 7, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Sorry did not see your name 🙂 first happy 2010 and thank you for your comment.
    Extra AMMC is a virtual hospital, to train rl med students.

    Rebuiolding is now good under way, in a seperate building, called AMMC Resource, there are several new items, o.a. a basic CPR course.

    I hope you revisit this website again orvisit us in Scond Life

    greetz Vera

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