Building update

Ha all

This is the entrance of the rebuild AMMC, on the picture you see a photo of Dr Ann who began AMMC. Although she is no longer active involved in AMMC, AMMC considered it fitting if her photo would be one of the first things you see when entering AMMC.

This AMMC hospital is smaller as the old one, so everything inside it is some what smaller, but not less functional, picture below here is one of the offices.

For training purposes, the emergency, radiology, surgery and recovery are located within glass walls, this assures educators to watch every step in a simulation.

AMMC now does not only have a hospital building, new is a Resource building, in this resource building is room for special projects, exhibitions, etc. At this moment there are 2 projects housed in the resource building:

-H1N1, AMMC still think it is necessary to monitor it.

-Breast cancer and breast awareness.

A project in the making is about domestic violence.

A third edition is a multi functional building, the top floor can be used for intern meetings and medium seize speeches, other possible use, include conferences and offices.

I almost forgot the most important things in this season, 🙂 the Christmas trees, yes the have decoration and lights and send all visitors warm season greetings!!! Someone even placed gifts under the tree with a message no peaking, wich is very bad for me since I am incredibly curious :-).

greetings Vera


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