best virtual education practice

Ha all,

AMMC is very proud to be accepted in the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (competition) AMMC entered in the category: Project based exploration.

A judging committee will visit AMMC,

date: march 12

time: 4 AM, pacific time/SL time

The project based exploration starts on the location of best practice awards, the starting place is in the link below.

After a short introduction of AMMC and a short explanation of the content of the tour, the tour will proceed to AMMC hospital.

Content of tour on AMMC grounds :

-welcome and visit to the women health center

-Title of Presentation/workshop:

(medical) case presentation, inflammatory breast cancer

Description of Presentation:

Inflammatory breast cancer, is a relative rare but aggressive form of breast cancer. In this presentation, you are following, a woman who at home did a breast self exam and found unusual signs and symptoms. During the rest of the presentation we follow her during her path to recovery. During the presentation you witness the diagnostic steps, to come to a diagnosis. Audience is asked to help in diagnosing and discuss the differentials.

During this presentation you are the guest of AMMC hospital. AMMC is a virtual hospital to train rl medical students. Beside the training, AMMC also provides (medical) information to the SL public, a.o. info on H1N1, domestic violence, a very basic CPR course and what to do when you see or have signs of a stroke.

The presentation it self takes place in the women health center of AMMC, this center was developed to give women who have been rl diagnosed with breast cancer, a change to experience some diagnostic procedures in a virtual environment.

Greetings Vera Zhaoying


date: march 12

time: 4 AM, pacific time/SL time

topic: Inflammatory breast cancer


1 Response to “best virtual education practice”

  1. 1 iwamoto12 March 13, 2010 at 3:25 am

    Ha Akiko,

    For your own good i removed your post from the site. I wish you all the best but this website is not designed, nor is it wise to discuss, things that bother you on a personal level and your own stugles, on an open website. You post it so all can read it and that is not wise.

    greetings Vera Zhaoying
    AMMC board member

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