Discussions at the End of Life

Ha all,
Discussions at the end of life, about the end of life.
Sometimes, in spite of all treatment a condition or illness will cause death.
Some conditions after a confirmed diagnose are (at this point) incurable,
one of these conditions is: pontine glioma multiforme, when you are the diagnosing physician, or the patient hearing the diagnose the topic becomes very relevant!

AMMC organizes 3 monthly meetings about this topic,
these meetings are presented by Brede Mc Donnel, RN in real life she guides residents at The Children’ s Hospital og Philadelphia, through the same topic: discussions at end of life.

The first meeting is:
date:                 march 27
time:                10AM pacific time/SL time
topic:               feelings about death and discussing it with patient’s and family
presented:     Brede Mc Donnel
location:        AMMC Conference Room-3rd Floor

The second meeting is:
date:                 April 24
time:                 10 AM  pacific time/SL time
topic:               comfort care, living until death
presented:      Brede Mc Donnel
location:          AMMC Conference Room-3rd Floor

The third meeting has yet to find a date but the topic will be:
tech aspects of symptom management

Hope to see you all during these meetings


1 Response to “Discussions at the End of Life”

  1. 1 Lois Kelly March 23, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Ha Lois
    Thank you for your comment and you are more then welcome to attend. During the serie of speeches we do hope to give medical professionals some advice, in dealing with patients and family during and now i use your words, the end of life adventure.

    greetings Vera Zhaoying

    Hi all,
    If it would be interesting, I’d be happy to send you my new book, “Be The Noodle,” that chronicles my mother’s three month end-of-life “adventure.” There are several chapters from the dying person and her family’s perspective that medical professionals might find helpful.
    Lois Kelly

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