Dr Ann benefit monday march 29 at 1PM Pacific

Ha All Under here is a note, I received from friends of Dr Ann, the founder of AMMC, as most of you know, Dr Ann did start AMMC hospital, due to health issues, she is not longer active in AMMC, but not forgotten, Dr Ann (with Dr Elspet) where my SL supervisors and did have a considerable influence in my study, that is why I really hope you all read what is written under here. Greetings Vera Zhaoying

Dear friends and family We are holding a benefit for our wonderful and dear friend Doctor Ann Buchanan aka Ann M (I removed her last name for privacy reasons). She has been going through financial difficulties. Along with her health issues, things have become very rough on our beautiful Ann. We decided a benefit in her honor would go a long way to not only help her but to let her know we are thinking of her. We are holding a concert at AMMC on Monday March 29th at 1 PM PDT (SL Time). The wonderful JaNa Kyomoon has very kindly agreed to play for us. Thank you very much, JaNa! And thank you to Vera for allowing us to hold the benefit concert at AMMC.

Everyone is welcome, new and old friends! If you can come by to enjoy the concert, meet up with with old friends, you would make the event very lovely.We will have tip jars set up at the concert for you to contribute whatever you can. We appreciate anything.

Thank you in advance if you cannot come by but do want to contribute, please send to Feralythal Bayn. (in second life) As a very special bonus, we will also have a DJ afterwards to help us celebrate Vera Zhaoying becoming a doctor!!!! DJ Audio will be playing a gig for us. We would love to have you come by to help our wondrous and awesome friend Doctor Ann. And to give Vera our congratulations as well! Thank you again, jaNa, Vera, and Nix

Much love to you Brywnwynn and Ghrynnd


2 Responses to “Dr Ann benefit monday march 29 at 1PM Pacific”

  1. 1 Akiko Yiwama April 9, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    You’ll be proud to know that I haven’t changed one bit (in the good ways, of course.) Congrats for becoming a doctor. But where is this concert thing that you’re talking about?

  2. 2 verazhaoying April 10, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Ha Akiko
    Thank you the benefit was on AMMC grounds,
    regards Vera

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