Relay for Life and AMMC

Ha all,

After the wonderful event hosted by mainly Brielle Coronet, now something completely different.

Most of you are aware of Relay for Life and if you are not, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about it, visit AMMC and check out the stand in the conference center.

AMMC in cooperation with team circle of life organized a puzzle hunt, you can hunt for free, but at the starting point and the closing point, is the possibility to donate to Relay for Life.

🙂 and now my marvelous first try in marketing 🙂

Puzzle hunt!!!!

Hunt for clues, solve mysteries, discover, find out the ancient old secret of mankind. Complete the trail and relax at the bar, meet other travelers on the puzzle huntand most important, leave your proof of completing your hunt, in the mailbox.

Sit back kick back and relax, this puzzle hunt is organized to, give you the thrill of the hunt, but more important to support Relay for Life, when you start your hunt and when you end it, you see donation jars. AMMC hopes that all participants in the puzzle hunt donate, every Linden is welcome and 100% of your donation goes to ACS (American Cancer Society)

First clue in this puzzle hunt, after arriving locate the Conference center and collect your hunting license,

you can find it located near the TV screen with Wishing on a cure, you can flip the pages of the screen yourself but after using it please set it back to the opening screen. For your hunting license do click the object with the text: THE PUZZLE HUNT

Your hunting license is your treasure map, it will guide and lead you, taking you to unexpected places and along a journey of mysteries.

Enjoy your puzzle hunt!!


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