Holiday/past intern meeting

Ha all

Last intern meeting was incredible, those attending were co visiting with a hospice nurse a patient in the last stages of life. What I remember best was the moment that we were told the patient had seen her grand children after refusing to take her long time morphine, before seeing them.

The stopping of the long time morphine was a conscious decision with significance, we were asked what the significance was.

Since I think this and other meetings we had at AMMC, a system will be sought to reread these meetings, AMMC has some very talented and gifted people who had presented topics gave speeches etc. It would be a waste when they were lost. If you gave a speech at AMMC please contact me as soon as the system is up and running. A very big thanks goes out to one donator who dontated 28.000 L$ to AMMC, be assured this money will be spend really well!!

Tadaa πŸ™‚ summer is here!! During July and August, AMMC does not organize meetings, but we are most certainly open!! For those that go on holiday, AMMC wishes you a happy holiday.

regards Vera


2 Responses to “Holiday/past intern meeting”

  1. 1 George September 12, 2010 at 5:37 pm


    I wonder where you get these images? It seems like from that Role Playing Game, 2nd Life. Either way, I hope you starting posting more this year πŸ™‚

  2. 2 verazhaoying September 12, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Ha George

    These images are taken during the meeting you posted the reply under.The intern meeting i referred back to was about terminal care. Now comes the twist we use as platform, the role play game second life. This platform gives us the liberty to unite people from various time zones and continents to attend these meetings.

    (For more information about AMMC please read the top of the AMMC website)

    Within Second life AMMC and some other medical related organisations are a bit different then most Second Life visitors expect, but in general once explained we are respected.

    I like to attend you on October breast (cancer) awareness month with several activities, in cooperation with among other the Second Life variant of ACS, they organize in Second Life a virtual Relay for Life.

    I realize this can be confusing that AMMC and other organizations, use a role play enviroment, but it is a very powerfull educational tool, both for the medical professional,
    the average visitor or to enhance awareness.

    regards Vera Zhaoying
    SL physcian at AMMC
    RL resident internal medicine in Holland)

    Some organizations using Second life
    ACS, CDC, AMMC Imperial college Londen etc

    Almost forgot, do feel free to use the teleport link on the top of the website to visit AMMC in Second Life

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