23 nurses on tour in AMMC

Ha All,

It is the holiday season so not to much activity planned, but on July 23 AMMC was visted by a group of RL nurses and their professor,both Dr Berci Dryke as me did host the tour, i post the response of their professor under here

greetz Vera

and enjoy the summer when you can!!

I cannot thank you and Berci enough for your guidance and support in showing the students parts of the AMMC.  I know you could only cover a few locations, but the students were quite impressed with you and the work at AMMC.  I was also pleased to hear lots of laughter in the classroom–these are good students, but on a Friday afternoon they are usually pretty quiet and brain-dead.  The Second Life tour really livened them up!

Again, your help was greatly appreciated and you really helped these students see why they should be aware of virtual worlds when they’re thinking about ways to do patient and staff education.
My best regards,
Aldrif Avro

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