AMMC illuminated in pink

AMMC illuminated in pink

During October a lot of famous land marks are illuminated in pink lights during October,  to draw attention to the importance of screening for early diagnosis of breast cancer as well as the research for finding ways to cure and prevent breast cancer.

AMMC is for this reason in pink, we believe that early detection is the best protection. AMMC will also hope that some major Second life landmarks will follow this example and place a dontaion kiosk on their land. Every Linden raised in that kiosk will directly go to making strides (against breast cancer)

AMMC cordially invites everybody to visit AMMC, take a look at AMMC in pink and locate the AMMC donation kiosk (hint it is on the third floor)

greetz Vera


2 Responses to “AMMC illuminated in pink”

  1. 1 Rik Bair April 5, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I am working on using Second Life to have nursing students perform practice health assessments as part of their class. I am struggling to find a person who creates scripting language for the avatar bots. Did you design your own or have someone do it for you? Thanks!

    • 2 verazhaoying April 6, 2012 at 4:43 pm

      Ha Rik Blair

      SL can be a great tool to support RL education, but it also has its limits. On AMMC we tried once with a bot but due to limitations in scrpting, it is (in my view) better to work with a instructed patient.

      The things you find in AMMC are for the most part made by staff, except the breast self exam chair. When you want i can give you a tour around AMMC and explain what/how and why items are made the way they are. Feel free to IM me when you are omline in Second life .

      greetings Vera Zhaoying (my SL name)

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