meet AMMC version 3

Ha everyoneIn the following weeks you have a chance to see this third version of AMMC.
Not much has changed with the 2 earlier versions,  the same ideas and principles are still in effect.
But we do use some new technologies but, lets not keep you waiting and go to AMMC.
Anyone who arrives is automatically welcomed, and given a short explanation.
Then you walk towards the hospital, pass an ambulance with a question mark in front of it.
This question mark is click able when clicked you receive a note card with information about ambulances and a day in the life of an ambulance crew (in the Netherlands).Then you walk in AMMC, a medical center and a hospital, again you are welcomed and asked to go to the reception desk. On the desk are several items one is a patient ID giver click and you receive one, but also poster like objects with blue text above it, click here for AMMC website.
These objects lead you to a website in the real world in a virtual word (already confused?)The ground floor of AMMC,  4 functions, one is to guide visitors on a tour how
hospitals work on your safety, safety in hygiene but also how errors can be avoided.
The second function is to answer questions from those that seek medical related answers.
This can be done in the general practice office or in Mental health.
The third function is a new one the teen clinic since about a year 16 and 17 year old ‘s can come to Second life, for them AMMC made the teen clinic, with screens about what teens wanna know.
These screens look like posters, above it is “floating text” click  here for and then you can choose wich poster to click.
As examplei  clickedom the poster cyber bullying and took a picture , a picture on my pc screen.
Showing you what you see when you click in a virtual world a poster and get RL information about in this case cyber bullying, accessing a web site that gives you all kind of practical tips support, AMMC is using this technology a lot on several topics. We realize Second life is primaraly for entertainment, but sometimes also as escape from the real world.
This specific poster was created with everyone in mind who is a victim of cyber bullying seeking refuge in Second life, just to escape, finding this website and realizing: i dont deserve to be bullyied and i can do something against it!!

The fourth thing is an avatar health check, this is an automatic check leading visitors along 3 stations. A weight scale that measures the script use of an avatar and immediately tells you if you are overweight a tred mill and a blood test. All with question marks that give when clicked an explaining note card. No AMMC did not go in the entertainment business, but by doing this and checking the health of the avatar, we hope the person behind the keyboard controlling the avatar will take a sec to think about his own health. (This is now been realized, so it is not yet finished)
AMMC was from the beginning designed to promote healthy living awareness and this is a way to do it 🙂

Well this was the ground floor, I hope you enjoyed reading about it, if you like to visit do use the teleport link, near the top of the page. When you have visited it, let me know what you think :-).
Smile you also find green barrels with text click here to support AMMC, by all means feel free to click 🙂
Next week the first floor, this is the hospital part of AMMC.

till next week Vera


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