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meeting may 29 Stroke awareness and AMMC possibilities demonstration

Date :May 29

Time :10 AM PDT

location :AMMC conference center, AMMC hospital, AMMC Resource Center

start location AMMC conference center

speakers :Vera Zhaoying, Brielle Coronet

Stroke can be prevented and yes, if acted fast it can be treated with the best possible outcome. Stroke is also a major health issue, the WHO not the smallest organization in the world, declared October 29 stroke (awareness) day. AMMC likes to step in this stroke awareness, in blocks of 15 minutes we cover a number of steps related to stroke:

-stroke the basics and AMMC and stroke

-shortened simulation on stroke and image interpretation

-presentation on stroke research and adaptation of that research in a virtual world.

Closing of this presentation, + time to discover AMMC (plan for this at least 30 minutes)

All are invited, Educators, physicians, interns, nurses, members and all who are interested.

Greetz Vera Zhaoying

!! Note to fully participate in this meeting it is advised to use the latest (number 2) viewer of Second life, other wise you are not able to see the image interpretation monitor


AMMC radiology becomes AMMC imaging department

Ha all,

AMMC  finished the first part of a major update, nothing on the buildings has changed, but certainly the Radiology department had a major update/facelift. In fact so big that we now call it, the AMMC  imaging  department. In it is beside the X ray, a new  functional  PET/CT scanner, both objects are clickable on the ?, if you do you receive information about their function and how they work.

Tadaa drumroll

In the new imaging department is also a new monitor, it is still in the test phase, but on this monitor, students can improve their skills in interpretating medical images. (MRI, CT, PET and we hope to add DITI as well)

If you have time do take a look around in the updated AMMC

greetz Vera

Building update

Ha all

This is the entrance of the rebuild AMMC, on the picture you see a photo of Dr Ann who began AMMC. Although she is no longer active involved in AMMC, AMMC considered it fitting if her photo would be one of the first things you see when entering AMMC.

This AMMC hospital is smaller as the old one, so everything inside it is some what smaller, but not less functional, picture below here is one of the offices.

For training purposes, the emergency, radiology, surgery and recovery are located within glass walls, this assures educators to watch every step in a simulation.

AMMC now does not only have a hospital building, new is a Resource building, in this resource building is room for special projects, exhibitions, etc. At this moment there are 2 projects housed in the resource building:

-H1N1, AMMC still think it is necessary to monitor it.

-Breast cancer and breast awareness.

A project in the making is about domestic violence.

A third edition is a multi functional building, the top floor can be used for intern meetings and medium seize speeches, other possible use, include conferences and offices.

I almost forgot the most important things in this season, 🙂 the Christmas trees, yes the have decoration and lights and send all visitors warm season greetings!!! Someone even placed gifts under the tree with a message no peaking, wich is very bad for me since I am incredibly curious :-).

greetings Vera

Pulse-Oximeter in AMMC

The Ann Myers Medical Center in Second Life, the virtual world, aims to train medical students and nurses through case presentations. The more realistic these medical simulations are, the more efficiently the education can be. That’s why the new pulse-oximeter in our center could be really helpful during the exercises. Here is a screenshot of the ITU:

What you can edit on the monitor:

  • BPM
  • oxygen saturation
  • temperature
  • blood pressure

And the monitor itself:

Take a look at it yourself.

Further reading: