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meeting may 29 Stroke awareness and AMMC possibilities demonstration

Date :May 29

Time :10 AM PDT

location :AMMC conference center, AMMC hospital, AMMC Resource Center

start location AMMC conference center

speakers :Vera Zhaoying, Brielle Coronet

Stroke can be prevented and yes, if acted fast it can be treated with the best possible outcome. Stroke is also a major health issue, the WHO not the smallest organization in the world, declared October 29 stroke (awareness) day. AMMC likes to step in this stroke awareness, in blocks of 15 minutes we cover a number of steps related to stroke:

-stroke the basics and AMMC and stroke

-shortened simulation on stroke and image interpretation

-presentation on stroke research and adaptation of that research in a virtual world.

Closing of this presentation, + time to discover AMMC (plan for this at least 30 minutes)

All are invited, Educators, physicians, interns, nurses, members and all who are interested.

Greetz Vera Zhaoying

!! Note to fully participate in this meeting it is advised to use the latest (number 2) viewer of Second life, other wise you are not able to see the image interpretation monitor


Discussions at the End of Life

Ha all,
Discussions at the end of life, about the end of life.
Sometimes, in spite of all treatment a condition or illness will cause death.
Some conditions after a confirmed diagnose are (at this point) incurable,
one of these conditions is: pontine glioma multiforme, when you are the diagnosing physician, or the patient hearing the diagnose the topic becomes very relevant!

AMMC organizes 3 monthly meetings about this topic,
these meetings are presented by Brede Mc Donnel, RN in real life she guides residents at The Children’ s Hospital og Philadelphia, through the same topic: discussions at end of life.

The first meeting is:
date:                 march 27
time:                10AM pacific time/SL time
topic:               feelings about death and discussing it with patient’s and family
presented:     Brede Mc Donnel
location:        AMMC Conference Room-3rd Floor

The second meeting is:
date:                 April 24
time:                 10 AM  pacific time/SL time
topic:               comfort care, living until death
presented:      Brede Mc Donnel
location:          AMMC Conference Room-3rd Floor

The third meeting has yet to find a date but the topic will be:
tech aspects of symptom management

Hope to see you all during these meetings

last minute change, stroke becomes breast cancer workshop

Ha all

Due to circumstances, the event about stroke has to move to another date. As replacement, there is a workshop/demonstration on breast awareness, I realize this has less educational value, but I don’t have time to cook up a brand new intern meeting in 1 week, apologies.

For medical professionals this workshop/demo has the benefit that it;

-high lights on hygienics

-gives an example how some procedures can be adapted for use in Second Life

-demonstrates CBE

For those interested in medicine/visiting educators/persons with breasts (that includes men by the way!!)

This workshop/demo is about:

-the importance of becoming breast aware

-how, how often and how to do a breast self exam.

-the chain of events (only technical) if you discovered a lump

Hope to see you all,

warm greetings Vera

date: February 27

time: 10 AM, SL/pacific time

location: AMMC hospital/conference center, top floor

Simulation: 2010, January

Dr Ren Stonecutter bites off the new year and asked me to post the following:

Dr Ren Stonecutter will be conducting a seminar on post-traumatic stress disorder next Saturday, January 16, at 11 AM SLT at the AMMC classroom/lecture hall.  Dr Ren will be discussing this pervasive mental health problem in light of recent experiences going back to 9/11 and the current state of World Terror with some innovative approached using the technology of Second Life.  Please come if you can.

Hope to see you all there!

greetz Vera

Molecular Oncology Presentation

  • Time: 10 AM
  • Date: Saturday, 12 September, 2009
  • Where: AMMC conference area where the interns normally meet (teleport link)
  • Presenter: Cary Flanagan

A photo of a real patient with leukocoria will also be presented.

Jason Young: Improving Communication With Cognitively Impaired Patients Edit Presentation

Jason Young is a Geriatric Clinician and gave a slideshow about Improving Communication With Cognitively Impaired Patients on the 7th of February at 10:00 AM PST (Second Life time) at the Ann Myers Medical Center.


Second Life presentation this Saturday

Jason Young is a Geriatric Clinician and will give a slideshow about Improving Communication With Cognitively Impaired Patients this Saturday (the 7th of February) at 10:00 AM PST (Second Life time) at the Ann Myers Medical Center.

Here is the teleport link.


The slideshow is already up.

2 new events in 2009

Now I’m attending the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 17 conference and on Wednesday, I will do a workshop focusing on the medical places of Second Life. Of course, I will feature the Ann Myers Medical Center so if you have time, feel free to drop by and say hello to the conference participants.

On the 7th of February, Jason Young will give a slideshow about geriatric mental health. The time is 10:00 AM Second Life time, as usual.

If you have a speaker in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Medical exercise today

There will be a medical exercise/intern meeting today at the Ann Myers Medical Center in Second Life at 10:00 SL time.

Topic: marburg.

Teleport link

And you can also find a poster at the AMMC about an event organized by the American cancer society. Meet a cancer survivor (Child hood Leukemia) on the 28th of September at noon SL time. Details on the poster.