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Case Presentation in Second Life

Yesterday, we had a meeting in Second Life, the virtual world at the Ann Myers Medical Center. One of our educators did a case presentation by giving us a textfile that contained the anamnesis and all the important physical signs.


It was followed by some brainstorming. We had to discuss what kind of tests we would order and what kind of diagnoses we were thinking about. One of the members of the National Board of Medical Examiners. It was a great experience again.

The solution was Cat Eye Syndrome. More than interesting!


Let us know if you would like to participate in the next exercise either as a medical student or a physician.

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Live Blogging about the First Hematology Exercise

You can read more about the first hematology exercise on Scienceroll. Minute by minute report with plenty of images and details.


Meeting for AMMC Interns

I would like to hold a meeting with all AMMC Interns next Monday, August 6th at noon (SLT). We can meet in the conference room at AMMC. I would like to discuss which subjects are we going to focus on, tailored plans for each student and any question/query you might have.

CC Carnell

The AMMC became a part of the Sprott-Shaw college campus

Yesterday, June 26, 2007, the AMMC was moved officially to the island of “Hospital”, part of the Sprott-Shaw college campus. The AMMC project has had an amazing amount of support from the President and from the college manager, Davis Stastny. We have been discussing the changes that are to come with this move. Sprott-Shaw already operates a successful number of courses within SL and is the first to hold electrical engineering courses in the virtual world of SL. They are intending to use the AMMC, in addition to the plans that we have, to train nurses in SL who are seeking practical nursing degrees. Sprott-Shaw will be moving their teaching and collaborative technology to the AMMC, allowing students and educators/physicians, etc, to work more easily together.

There is a plan to set up a convention area such that the presentation of research objectives, papers, case studies can occur from people all over the world. Sprott-Shaw already conducts case studies in their degree program and I am told it is working in a most fantastic manner. A library exists on the Sprott-Shaw main SL campus to which AMMC members ands tudents will have access and the intention is to place resources for medical professionals and scientific papers in the database.

Dorms, areas of study, classrooms incorporating white boards, power point and databases, offices and a presentation area are just part of the plans in the works. By becoming more involved with the AMMC, thoughts and ideas will blossom and make the Center able to be utilized for a plethora of items by people all over the globe.

Now we need to add professionals to our numbers — physicians, nurses, scientists, researchers, educators and students. Ideas for gathering the members of our field are most welcome. Please feel free to send thoughts and ideas for the progression, collaboration and education at the AMMC to me at:
I intend to request assistance from QTLabs Apogee Avie Services, As a dear friend and an incredibly brilliant individual, I am certain that we will only garner positive results by working with QTLabs.

I believe whole heartedly in the positive effect the AMMC will have, not only within SL, but in the interaction of people from all over the world.

The Beginning

The Ann Myers Medical Center (AMMC) was founded by DoctorAnn Buchanan. The center was named for her mother, Ann Myers. Dr. Ann’s mother suffers from a rare brain tumor, which should have taken her life numerous times. Ann Myers has a zest for life and an inner strength that have been a source of inspiration for Dr. Ann her entire life.


AMMC was created to test the possibilities of virtual training for First Life medical and nursing students. The goals of the AMMC are:

  • To assist students to become more proficient in initial exam history and physicals. The patient often reveals many important aspects of their disorder through their words if the physician takes the time to listen. In this fast-paced world, med students are not being appropriately trained to listen.
  • A second aspect to the history and physical for Dr. Ann is attempting to train her students to truly care for their patients. Dr. Ann teaches her First Life students that they can heal simply by listening and caring. She often states to her students, “Laying a hand on a patient’s shoulder and honestly listening can heal more than any medication you can prescribe for a person.”
  • AMMC is attempting to link telemetric builds (ECG, oxygen saturation machines, etc.) to real-time outputs via URLs. Thus, a student will right click on an ECG machine and be taken to a URL, where they will have to accurately diagnose the medical issue through analysis of telemetric outputs.
  • In conjunction, we will be assisting students to become more proficient in the analysis of MRIs, CTs and X-rays.
  • AMMC will also be training Psychology students in various methodologies and treatment protocols, implementing Dr.Ann’s belief and research interest in psychoimmunobiology, the body’s ability to heal itself through the stimulation of the immune system to fight disease.

AMMC currently has a voluntary staff consisting of Psychologists, Hematologists, Oncologists, Radiologists, Cardiologists, Midwives, Emergency and Trauma Specialists and several nurses. AMMC has a building staff headed by Carla Chandrayaan, whose dedication and tireless voluntary efforts can never be repaid. The AMMC owes a great debt to Carla, Nugget Gregory, Radical Richthofen, Gwen Kilby, ParTAY Flax, Evilpony Fallon and many others who have given freely of their time and talents to build AMMC.

These days, we are becoming a part of Sprott-Shaw college in BC, Canada.

And we want more physicians and medical educators to become part of the project as we envision an “open” medical arena for all to collaborate and learn! If you’re interested, please leave a comment! Let’s work together on the future of medical education!