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ha all

Sorry have not posted a lot since Relay for Life. But wanted now to make this post to allof you wishing everyone a wonderfull season, with Sinterklaas Santa Claus and hope you all can celebrate it with loved ones.

Now about AMMC at present it has no longer a location in Secondlife, i could not give it the attention it deserved. This has some reasons but the biggest one is that at present i am not registated as (active) medical doctor, i have the remark not active due to medical condition. Most of you know and if you did not excuse me, me and my husband were involved in a pretty big  accident, it had for both of us some lasting complications and i am still in the process to convert difficulties to possibilities.

This takes up a lot of my time and also explains spelling errors or  odd language in this post 🙂

sincerely Vera Zhaoying

and to all my best wishes for 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a special comment to one of our AMMC members who is trauma physician in Egypt: i pray your country finds tranquility and stability very soon


Relay for Life 2012

Ha all

Before Relay for Life, excuse for quite a big period without posts, sometimes life interferes with plans 🙂

Okay now Relay for Life, when you have no idea what it is, by all means Google it!! As most of the readers know AMMC is a hospital in a virtual world, but also likes to make a difference in the real world (you an visit AMMC using the link at the top of this page). The same is with Relay for Life, in a virtual world is also Relay for Life, this is their website:

I hope to meet you all during Relay for Life

greetz Vera



Brain presentations

Ha all

Brain presentations, not organized by AMMC, but by several other organisations like Virtual ability, MAYO clinic and others. The brain is a wonderful, highly complex structure., that has amazing capabilities, but sometimes it also goes wrong. There were given presentations on several topics, like traumatic brain injury, traumatic brain injury in relation to modern warfare and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). There will be some coming presentation with as topic the brain, when curious do visit AMMC in second life! (use the teleport link on the top of this page)

greetz Vera

(the picture is taken on MAYO clinic)

workshop, medical benefits of chocolate

Workshop: for the love of chocolate

-Date :March 3
-Time: :10 AM pacific/SL time
-Location :health info Island and AMMC

or arrive at 9 45 and click the chocolate sign and get direct to the start location of this workshop.
start location
workshop location AMMC

-presenter :Vera Zhaoying

Workshop that explains the medical benefits of chocolate.

A speech followed by a workshop and free chocolate for all visitors

Chocolate first used like 2000 years ago, brought to Europe by the conquistadors. Where it was immensily popular even to an extend that chocolate was banned during mass, result the ladies left the mass. Used as medicine in the 16 Th to 18 th century, abandoned for medical use after that. But making a comeback.

During the speech will be addressed:
-history of Chocolate
– why chocolate has medicinal value
– Anti oxidants
– Chocolate beneficial in prevention of disease
– Chocolate beneficial in treatment of disease
– Wrapping up and introduction to workshop part

Workshop part, for this part, it is required that you love chocolate, and wear clothing easy to move in.

For more information, please contact Vera Zhaoying

Valentine hunt+heart and stroke awareness month

Valentine hunt

February, Valentine, the time for hearts.
AMMC organizes a valentine hunt for hearts
find the 8 hearts, touch them to receive a note card and a gift.

Find all 8 hearts, answer the questions and drop your note card
in the mailbox at the base of the balloon for a chance on prizes.
(The hearts are spread out ovewr all 3 floors of AMMC)

Have fun 🙂

New years resolutions :-)

Ha all

Have a list like this?? Something you like to different this year?? I know i have 🙂

Sat. January 14,at 10 AM PDT is a workshop called new years resolutions, it is a new approach to communicate an important message in a fun way to SL residents but more important to those watching their avatars in SL
(those behind the keyboard)

The workshop starts at Health Info Island and continues on AMMC  grounds,with an avatar health check and …………., 🙂 when you like to experience this workshop and the ……………….. do come in sporty clothes

Curious?? Do visit AMMC, click on the poster near the reception desk for a landmark

greetz Vera



Ha all

Just a few more days and 2011 is gone and 2012 arrives, a time to look back, to remember and to reflect. But also a time for a new start, fresh ideas.

First 2011, well not a very good year, in March the former version of AMMC disintegrated around me,because our landsponser got other ideas and decided to leave Second Life, but forgot to communicate that with us.

We lost 2 people behind avatars who were very dear and important,

Dr Ann Buchanan and Dr Rhi Rhiannon.

But positive things happened too, in July AMMC took part in Relay for Life.

October was pink ribbon month, with as top a 24 hour fundraiser in one of the biggest clubs in SL.

Ups almost forgot, AMMC was rebuild and AMMC is ready for 2012,but only when you from AMMC group help do that!! AMMC needs its members to stay active.

But first!!!

Happy healthy and a blessed 2012

AMMC in 2012

AMMC begins to concentrate more on preventive health care, one result is the avatar health check, another thing is speech on January 14 correction it is a workshop, it is highly recommend people showing up wear sporty clothing 🙂

AMMC continues to be open for educational institutes, that like to use AMMC,

for RL education, and education wise if you are a Medical professional and have a story/case that you really want to share by all means contact me!!!

AMMC for the rest is a chance for avatars to seek medical/mental advice,

have a breast (cancer) screening, find information on several topics, but also a domestic violence information point.

AMMC is also doing activities with partners, Dance Island a SL club is such a partner, but for a project at the end of the year, we plan to under take we need way more new partners,at this point I cant reveal too much, since we need the permission from RL (real life) organizations to do this!!

People who know me, know it is hard for me to keep my mouth shut, specially when I am excited and on this topic, I am excited.

July is Relay for Life month, this year we have a lot to Relay for we lost several staff by cancer. Relay for Life is, to celebrate survivors, remember and fight back, AMMC is linked to a group named Beeloved, this group was formed to help someone fight, now we remember her, but not only her.

I hope that AMMC together with this group will make a presence on SL

AMMC will organize some events running up to Relay for Life and I very much seek volunteers who like to organize this!!

Well this was, my story for now, I conclude with happy new year and see you in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greetz Vera