October: breast awareness month

Ha all

During the month of October AMMC organizes several activities revolving around breast (cancer). One of the activities in support of breast awareness month is a contest, in support of breast awareness month. For this contest we do search judges 🙂 and do feel free to enter the contest your self!!

Under next picture  is the program for October breast (cancer) awareness month. By the way feel free to contact me if you like to assist!!

Greetz Vera

The program:

-On October 2 kick off party, starting at 10 AM PDT

(DJ’s from dance island, perform several sets for free)

-October 10 at 10 AM PDT, Breast awareness speech reducing the risk by 23 %

-October 15 Big event in Dance island on breast awareness.

AMMC is very happy with the help and support of  one of the biggest clubs in Second life for their help and support!

The workshops on breast self exam in both English and Spanish will yet have to find a date and time, as well as he survivors prizewinners party, for this please check back on AMMC regularly for the poster.

Running the whole month of October is a contest:

-The theme for the contest is breast aware

-There are 2 categories, one is that your entry can end up in a calendar, the other one is that your entry ends up in a book.

For more information on AMMC(to visit AMMC use the link at the top of the website)

is a click able poster explaining the contest and and in box for your entries.

Hope to meet you all on one or all of the events

greetz Vera


2 Responses to “October: breast awareness month”

  1. 1 alyna12 August 16, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Kiamei here again. What contest is going on?

  2. 2 verazhaoying August 21, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Ha Kiamei

    Come have a look, but in short,
    make a picture, painting or what ever that symbolizes breast awareness, there is one rule n visible nipples.

    So Kiamei, if you are artistic, dont let nothing hold you back and enter the contest

    regards Vera

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