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AMMC is back :-)

Ha all

After being away for some month AMMC is back thanks through the work of our founder Dr Ann and some individuals in SL, who’s names are hard to spell correct. :-)

AMMC will stay as Dr Ann intended it to be,a virtual place to support RL education, but also a place where all citizens of Second life could come to for answers on medical/health questions. AMMC is a work in progress but it will be finished 🙂

AMMC will have in the future: emergency, imaging department anesthesia surgery and recovery on the second floor, as well as nursing stations and a nursing class room. On the first floor the staff changing room, (staff entering AMMC already dressed in scrubs will see my very disappointed face), general practice, mental health, teen clinic and pharmacy.

On the third floor is the women health division, on that floor the women health center with focus on breast (cancer) awareness and gynecology and one office for general health a new addition is a section for domestic violence and a station for workshops.

Extra, circumstances made it possible for me to buy AMMC to secure it ‘s place in secondlife, originally AMMC was backed financially by a Canadian college, that could easily afford it, for me as private person it is a different case so donation to keep AMMC a float are very welcome

greetz Vera

Now to business, this is the place tadaa drumroll……………………………………

This a picture of the place but it might change here and there 🙂


16 days against (gender) violence


Ha All

AMMC is lately not so active on AMMC grounds, however AMMC staff has been pretty active lately. On Diabetes day a workshop was given and the rest of this article is about an upcoming event where 2 AMMC staff members are active, the event is:

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

is an annual international campaign that dates from 1991, and originates from the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Beginning on November 25 of each year (the International Day against Violence against Women), events run world-wide through to December 10, International Human Rights Day

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence in Second Life will parallel the “real world” event, and is fueled by the participation of over a dozen activist SL groups, and many dozens of individuals. It will feature panel discussions, workshops, presentations, art exhibits, poetry readings, and live music.

When you like to visit, these events within Second life, please use the link on the top of this web page, you arrive in AMMC hospital, in the information building is a poster, with the same image as the article image. When you click it, it gives you a note card with the program.

Greetings Vera Zhaoying

October: breast awareness month

Ha all

During the month of October AMMC organizes several activities revolving around breast (cancer). One of the activities in support of breast awareness month is a contest, in support of breast awareness month. For this contest we do search judges 🙂 and do feel free to enter the contest your self!!

Under next picture  is the program for October breast (cancer) awareness month. By the way feel free to contact me if you like to assist!!

Greetz Vera

The program:

-On October 2 kick off party, starting at 10 AM PDT

(DJ’s from dance island, perform several sets for free)

-October 10 at 10 AM PDT, Breast awareness speech reducing the risk by 23 %

-October 15 Big event in Dance island on breast awareness.

AMMC is very happy with the help and support of  one of the biggest clubs in Second life for their help and support!

The workshops on breast self exam in both English and Spanish will yet have to find a date and time, as well as he survivors prizewinners party, for this please check back on AMMC regularly for the poster.

Running the whole month of October is a contest:

-The theme for the contest is breast aware

-There are 2 categories, one is that your entry can end up in a calendar, the other one is that your entry ends up in a book.

For more information on AMMC(to visit AMMC use the link at the top of the website)

is a click able poster explaining the contest and and in box for your entries.

Hope to meet you all on one or all of the events

greetz Vera

AMMC on SL healthy

Ha all

Apparantly AMMC was since years on SL healthy,

but due to the fact that AMMC is a dynamic environment, it was high time for an update.

For those interested:

greetings Vera Zhaoying

Dr Ann benefit monday march 29 at 1PM Pacific

Ha All Under here is a note, I received from friends of Dr Ann, the founder of AMMC, as most of you know, Dr Ann did start AMMC hospital, due to health issues, she is not longer active in AMMC, but not forgotten, Dr Ann (with Dr Elspet) where my SL supervisors and did have a considerable influence in my study, that is why I really hope you all read what is written under here. Greetings Vera Zhaoying

Dear friends and family We are holding a benefit for our wonderful and dear friend Doctor Ann Buchanan aka Ann M (I removed her last name for privacy reasons). She has been going through financial difficulties. Along with her health issues, things have become very rough on our beautiful Ann. We decided a benefit in her honor would go a long way to not only help her but to let her know we are thinking of her. We are holding a concert at AMMC on Monday March 29th at 1 PM PDT (SL Time). The wonderful JaNa Kyomoon has very kindly agreed to play for us. Thank you very much, JaNa! And thank you to Vera for allowing us to hold the benefit concert at AMMC.

Everyone is welcome, new and old friends! If you can come by to enjoy the concert, meet up with with old friends, you would make the event very lovely.We will have tip jars set up at the concert for you to contribute whatever you can. We appreciate anything.

Thank you in advance if you cannot come by but do want to contribute, please send to Feralythal Bayn. (in second life) As a very special bonus, we will also have a DJ afterwards to help us celebrate Vera Zhaoying becoming a doctor!!!! DJ Audio will be playing a gig for us. We would love to have you come by to help our wondrous and awesome friend Doctor Ann. And to give Vera our congratulations as well! Thank you again, jaNa, Vera, and Nix

Much love to you Brywnwynn and Ghrynnd

best virtual education practice

Ha all,

AMMC is very proud to be accepted in the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (competition) AMMC entered in the category: Project based exploration.

A judging committee will visit AMMC,

date: march 12

time: 4 AM, pacific time/SL time

The project based exploration starts on the location of best practice awards, the starting place is in the link below.

After a short introduction of AMMC and a short explanation of the content of the tour, the tour will proceed to AMMC hospital.

Content of tour on AMMC grounds :

-welcome and visit to the women health center

-Title of Presentation/workshop:

(medical) case presentation, inflammatory breast cancer

Description of Presentation:

Inflammatory breast cancer, is a relative rare but aggressive form of breast cancer. In this presentation, you are following, a woman who at home did a breast self exam and found unusual signs and symptoms. During the rest of the presentation we follow her during her path to recovery. During the presentation you witness the diagnostic steps, to come to a diagnosis. Audience is asked to help in diagnosing and discuss the differentials.

During this presentation you are the guest of AMMC hospital. AMMC is a virtual hospital to train rl medical students. Beside the training, AMMC also provides (medical) information to the SL public, a.o. info on H1N1, domestic violence, a very basic CPR course and what to do when you see or have signs of a stroke.

The presentation it self takes place in the women health center of AMMC, this center was developed to give women who have been rl diagnosed with breast cancer, a change to experience some diagnostic procedures in a virtual environment.

Greetings Vera Zhaoying


date: march 12

time: 4 AM, pacific time/SL time

topic: Inflammatory breast cancer

Ha all,

Sorry for last minute notification.

AMMC is present with a stand at Femdom day, in SL.
Since it can be expected that 99% of the audience have breasts 🙂

I thought it was a good oppurtunity to enhance breast awareness.

Sunday 10 AM SL time there is a demo on the path of a women after discovering something suspicious in her breast.

greetz Vera

for a landmark, please visit AMMC hospital and click on the sign, with the same picture as the picture on this post

Simulation: 2010, January

Dr Ren Stonecutter bites off the new year and asked me to post the following:

Dr Ren Stonecutter will be conducting a seminar on post-traumatic stress disorder next Saturday, January 16, at 11 AM SLT at the AMMC classroom/lecture hall.  Dr Ren will be discussing this pervasive mental health problem in light of recent experiences going back to 9/11 and the current state of World Terror with some innovative approached using the technology of Second Life.  Please come if you can.

Hope to see you all there!

greetz Vera

Molecular Oncology Presentation

  • Time: 10 AM
  • Date: Saturday, 12 September, 2009
  • Where: AMMC conference area where the interns normally meet (teleport link)
  • Presenter: Cary Flanagan

A photo of a real patient with leukocoria will also be presented.

Jason Young: Improving Communication With Cognitively Impaired Patients Edit Presentation

Jason Young is a Geriatric Clinician and gave a slideshow about Improving Communication With Cognitively Impaired Patients on the 7th of February at 10:00 AM PST (Second Life time) at the Ann Myers Medical Center.