Ha all


November 22 at 2 PM PDT, these pictures were taken, in a virtual world we remembered a real person.

Someone who had a dream doctors that actually listened to patients, she began a virtual hospital to assist her students to become better doctors.

That virtual hospital (AMMC), grew,students from all over the world joined.


Dr Ann Buchanan’s dream grew, beside training she also was active in the ACS support groups, but her health declined and she had to leave SL, leaving AMMC in the hands of others, not long ago she passed away.


But she will not be forgotten, what she started still exists (AMMC hospital),

by starting AMMC, she touched many of us, because her personality shined through her avatar and cause of that personality, many gathered on the memorial moment for her. I like to thank all who came, I also like to thank several organizations, including ACS and Mayo clinic, who sent representatives, smile but the representatives also came as private persons 🙂


(picture when Poppy Zabelin from ACS spoke)

This memorial moment was also a moment for all those present, help remember and give it a place. The memorial monument will stay on AMMC.


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